It is our goal to offer you a maximum of foundry services for your casting demands, including all levels in the process, as the following:

  • Design consulting
  • Patternmaking
  • Coordination of the external subcontractors for machining, heat treatment, or surface treatment
  • Storage and transportation logistics.

In collaboration with constructor, caster, pattern-maker, and processor we develop the casting pattern based on the construction of your component part with necessary technological additions for the technologically safe production and subsequent cost-efficient machining of the raw casting.
In that respect, we benefit from established CAD programs and our own know how as well as our partners’ expertise.
Note: We do not manufacture prototypes! We fabricate samples and pre-production runs at cost-effective prices to result in the release of the pattern only after placing your order for the serial delivery.

The department of our conventionally equipped pattern shop performs its tasks of daily production preparation, pattern alterations, or pattern repairs. In regard to the production of new patterns we predominantly make use of the possibilities of “Desktop manufacturing” offered by our cooperation partners, who specialize in pattern- and toolmaking.

Prototypes, samples, pilot and pilot series are nowadays a matter of course. Partly using modern 3D-Sanddrucktechniken by external service providers, we can offer these - at cost-covering prices.
However, our focus in this service is not only to support you in the development of the workpiece to the production stage but also to recommend and qualify as a series producer for these ranges with the experience gained.

After a few years having our own CNC-processing department we now go back to exclusively concentrating on the production of castings. Doing so, however, does not limit our offered services:

Our cooperation partners, in this field, are specialized processing plants having state-of-the-art equipment. They have the expertise and experience as well as the required technical peripheral devices, to meet your requirements in regard to the quality of your products and their continuous inspection.

In cooperation with these companies we offer you a complete processing cycle and the coordination of necessary logistics in the context of order management.

Stress relief annealing or annealing our castings, even in an inert-gas atmosphere, will be carried out exclusively by selected, specialized, and practised cooperation partners, if necessary.

The priming coat, which is applied in-house, is solely applied as rust protection. We may coordinate further surface refinements, such as varnishing, powder-coating, electroplating, or vulcanizing, however, these processes have to be completed by our cooperation partners.

Usually we ship our products in exchangeable EURO cage pallets or on exchangeable EURO pallets, loaded with a maximum of 1t of castings. Regarding the conditions of packing materials in circulation the corresponding regulations of the respective organizations are valid.

For the protection against rust we may also use polyethylene bags and wrapping, if you demand such packing.

Due to limited internal storage capacities, unfortunately, we cannot offer deliveries in your company’s own containers.

Surface-refined castings will also be delivered in special transport packaging, e.g. single boxes, if desired.

If you wish for JIT deliveries and provisions on demand we take advantage of our external logistics partner’s storage capacities, from which the packing and the dispatch of your deliveries will be organized.

In order to deliver your products on time and safely at optimized expenses, we collaborate with haulage partners, operating nationwide and within the European Union, on the basis of tenders and long-term transportation agreements.

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