Molding unit: DISA 130-A (2009)
Dimensions of moulding plate 480 x 600 mm
Molding procedure: High-pressure squeezing

Molding material mixer: 1 x Turbomischer DISA TM 190-75 (2009)
1 x Wirbelmischer GISAX AMW 1250 (1992)
Dosing: Automatically
Moulding material testing: Online via SMC with re-dosing

Core shooters: 3 x KSA 12 (Reißaus&Baumberg)
Core-making procedure: Cold Box
Sodium silicate -CO2

Type: 3 cold-wind cupolas with recuperators
Maximum melting performance:ca. 3,5 t / h
Operation mode: discontinuous

Type:Induction-heated pouring unit (2,5 t)
Positioning: Laser pour control
Peripheral device:Stream inoculation

Continuous shot blast machine:OMSG with 8 aerator units
Batch-type shot blast machine:BMD DISA DTC-1
Cleaning turntable shot blast machine: Skoda

Floor-type grinders and abrasive belt grinders (2009)
Various HF manual devices

Processed material: water-soluble one- and
two-component paints
Procedure: high-pressure spraying and
subsequent hot-air drying

Pouring temperature measuring:Online
Material analysis: Spectromax M (2009)
Hardness testing: Stationary hardness test device
Mobile hardness tester
Moulding material testing:conventional

Molding unit: DISA 130-A, mold dimensions 480 x 600 mm

Core-making shop: 3 cold-box core shooters each with 12 l shot volume

Melting unit: 3 cold-wind cupolas with O2-Injection

NEW: 2 Medium-frequency induction furnaces JUNKER 1,5 t each

Casting unit: Induction-heated pouring unit (2,5 t)

Cleaning shop: Continuous shot blast machine, Batch-type shot blast machine, Cleaning turntable shot blast machine, Spinner hanger blast machines, Floor-type grinders amongst others

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