If you are interested, we may also supply you with castings and components which technically do not meet our own fabrication profile.

In collaboration with our affiliated company “Köhler&Partner” we cooperate with a great many of selected manufacturers in Middle and Eastern Europe, who produce and machine not only grey iron castings in sand moulds, but also aluminium die castings, steel castings, and welding components.

For example:
• Cast-steel dross bins, vats for the aluminium industry
• Cast-steel anode fixtures and anode yokes for electrolysis plants
• Cast-steel slag vats, slag pots, and casting ladles for steel mills and foundries
• Cast-steel coupling boxes and scraper rings for the fabrication of tubes
• Cast-iron welding components and weights for road construction machinery
• Cast-iron stove and oven parts
• Aluminium pressure-die cast pipe clips and cylinder head covers for diesel aggregates

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