Moulding unit: 1 x DISA 130-A (2009), mould dimensions 480 x 600 mm
Moulding sand conditioning: 1 x Turbo mixer (2009)
1 x Turbo mixer (1992)
Core-making shop: 3 x cold-Box core shooters (2005, 2006, 2008)
Melting unit: 3 x cold-wind cupolas with O2-injection
Casting unit: Induction-heated pouring unit (2,5 t) with laser pour control and stream inoculation
Cleaning shop: 1 x continuous shot blast machine
1 x batch-type shot blast machine
1 x cleaning turntable shot blast machine
4 x floor-type grinders (2009) amongst others
Priming coat: Water-soluble rust-inhibitive primer, hot-air drying
Quality inspection: Spectrographic analysis (2009)
Pouring temperature measuring
Hardness testing HB
Moulding material testing